Come Help Us Lift Him UP


The Lord Didn't Bring Us This Far To Leave Us

Mid-week Worship
Wednesday 7:30 pm


Bible Band
Friday 7:00 pm
Sunday 5:00 pm
 7:00 pm


Sunday Morning Worship
10:45 am



Christ is the doctrine of this church, the quest for the present Truth is it's objective,

and humble service to all is it's prayer. Our covenant is to dwell together in peace, to

share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, in freedom of worship and to grow in grace and love with one another....thus, we do covenant in the fear of God. Amen!

While traveling through the airways across Lake Michigan, from Saginaw Michigan back to Dallas Texas in August 1999, an inspiration was given to Pastor Whitley.   “God spoke to me just as clear as day, to ask the saints if they would give of themselves the first of the year in January.”  The Year 2000 was the start of the new millennium, a change of time and in time at 7205 Tillman St., Dallas TX (former location).  That change was the Victorians of Victory Temple coming together watch meeting night, December 31, 1999 preparing to come back the night of January 1st for 1 hour of prayer (Monday – Friday, 7-8pm nightly), Tithing Our First Fruits.  2006, six (6) years later, Pastor received another inspiration and asked if WE (the saints, the people) would dedicate the entire month of January each year establishing the “31 Days of Sacrificial Prayer” (7-8pm nightly; however some instances on Saturdays/Sundays, a little earlier).  And the results were “Yes We Will”.  Although it was and is a sacrifice, the people were willing to commit and responded by gathering each night in prayer led by Pastor Whitley and occasionally the Elders/Ministers. The saints were excited, happy, elated and much more to be a part of the inspirational vision; praying without ceasing and witnessing different results.  Pastor Whitley is known to have said several times, “These people are coming out for the prayer, I’ve never known any church in all of my years of serving and pastoring where the people are consistent with coming to a prayer service.  And for that I am Godly proud and eternally grateful.  You will be blessed for your sacrifice, your tithing of your First Fruits to God.”


Every January the saints are gearing up, getting ready, laying aside things and occasionally confronting the inclement winter weather to come out faithfully to be in the prayer service.  We would invite family, friends, colleagues, fellowship churches and others to join us at their leisure; and the people would come.  The church has encountered some obstacles, such as several deaths, many sicknesses, various trials, some heartaches, pain and more; nevertheless, we’re still praying - Giving Our First Fruits to the Lord.  To date, at our present location (620 West Red Bird Lane, Dallas TX), as we embark upon a new year 2019, 19 years later, we’re still going strong, we’re praying.


WE’RE VICTORYTEMPLESTRONG.  Our Mantra, Our Motto: “The Lord didn’t bring us this Far to leave us”



620 W. Redbird Ln.

Dallas, Tx.

Tel: (214) 374-7262

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